Wayang Kulit: Indonesia Culture Masterpiece

Few people know that wayang was titled as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in November 7, 2003 by UNESCO. So, what do you know what wayang is? Wayang is one of cultural product in Indonesia from centuries ago. There are no exact years when Wayang introduced first time is. There are many kind of wayang and one of them is puppet wayang.

The puppet is made from animal leather such as cow, goat, buffalo and other. Wayang making process is take place in several days. Having got the leather, we should dry the leather under the sun, so that the leather would be good enough to be carved. The carve is require enough time because it is about carve the detail of the puppet and it is should be done in special skill.

The performance usually held in evening until morning, so the dalang should be fit all night along. Dalang would tell us story in the performance, usually taken from story of Mahabarata or Ramayana. Mahabarata is story about a war between the good and the bad. The good is analogized as a Pandawa (the 5 brothers) and the bad is represented by Kurawa (the 100 brothers and sisters). While Ramayana tells us about the struggle of protagonist (Rama) and his friends to regain his love, named Shinta, from the antagonist (Kurawa) and his fellowship hold, who have seize Shinta before. Story would give us a lot of story about life.

Dalang usually plays wayang in kelir, a white background made from cotton. It is a rectangle sized about 4 x 12 meters. In front of kelir there are wayang puppets in lined. They are plugged into base, stem of banana tree (yes you would know that wayang have stick in its puppet, so that they can be plugged in).


The performance of Wayang is accompanied by gamelan music, and we could analogize it with back sound in movie. Talking about gamelan, it is a course of music instrument including kendang, bonar, demung, saron, peking, slenthem, gender, gong ad other. Most of the instrument is made from leather, steel or aluminum. The kendang player is the conductor of the music. We could analogize as a drummer player in the modern music. All together, this music instruments could make good symphony to its listeners. The music is in accordance with the story of the wayang. Mostly of it is a music that make our mind in peace because it is a calm one.

So you will gonna enjoy it. Nah!


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